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How Snizl works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Snizl is a revolutionary platform that allows businesses to build a powerful following of customers that you can nurture and sell to, all in real-time.

You control what you post, from start to finish and you get to keep 100% of the revenue.

What can I do with Snizl?

  • Post unlimited deals, promotions, events and competitions: With no approval stage except for competitions, your posts instantly go live on the Snizl Feed. Learn More

  • Save time by posting once and sharing everywhere: share your post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest in seconds. Learn More

  • See your analytics all in one place: By sharing one single post all the analytics come back to Snizl, so you can easily see how your post performs across multiple channels. Learn More

  • Build a following that you can sell to: Using Snizl in the right way builds followers who are all interested in your products. You can then send push notifications and sell directly to them. Learn More

What sets Snizl apart?

Unlike other deals platforms, Snizl doesn't take a cut of your profits and there is no lengthy approval times on your posts. Everything is built to save you time and simplify your marketing process.

Quick start guide

We have taken the time to write an example first month for a business on Snizl, this can be used as a guideline to adapt to your needs. 

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