First of all... Welcome to Snizl. 

When you first signed up you will have registered yourself as an individual (a user). You can now add your business or businesses and these will be added to the drop-down list (top right) so that you can manage them easily.

It's simple, Just follow these steps...

  1. Click the drop-down menu (top right).

  2. Select 'Add Business'

  3. Enter Your Business Name, Select the right category, enter your business address, telephone number, postcode and Hub (This should already be populated but you can change it). Click 'Next'

  4. Choose your Logo and Banner pictures, You can change the size to fit. Then click 'Next'

  5. Check the preview and if you are happy click 'Continue'
    Your Business page will upload and you will then be given the option to share to your social media pages

  6. Share to your social media

  7. Pick one of our two packages available. There aren't any contracts.

For further information on how to complete your business page please click here.


  1. Make the 'Hub' where your business address is.

  2. Select the correct category for your business (this will help users search for you)

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