One of the most annoying things you may have to do is to repeat what you have already put on one platform in order to put it on another.
Snizl has helped to resolve this.

Once you have posted to Snizl you have the option to post the same thing to your social media.

This can be done in two ways...

The First way is immediately after you have posted to the feed - 

  • As soon as this is done you get given the option to share automatically. 
  • You can select from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+
  • Or you can copy the URL to share in other ways.

The second way is that if there is a post you already have on the feed that you want to share - 

  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the Event, Deal, Promotion or Competition there is a share button
  • As soon as you go to select the share button you are given 3 options, Facebook, Twitter or Google+
  • Click which one you want


  1. When you set up your business put in all your social media URL's
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