What are the customer claim options?

You choose which route your customers take

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This is the way you wish your customers to claim your deal or promotion.

There are 4 options you can choose from:


This option is if you wish them to say anything to a member of your staff. This can be a great way to keep track of where your customers are coming from. On mobile devices, it will also create a unique QR code for your deal or promotion which you can scan. This helps show how many people have 'Claimed Instore'.


This option can be used if you wish customers to call and book appointments prior to them coming in or just to be able to inquire about the deal or promotion you have posted.


With this option, you can put in any URL that is relevant to your deal/promotion. This could be a link to a ticket page, your social media page or your website.


Here you can input a contact email or any other contact details or instructions.

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