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Letting people know what you do

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Not everyone has deals on all the time but you do great things on a daily basis that you want to tell people about. That's where promotions come in.

Let users and your followers know what you're up to whether it's a new member of staff, a menu item you are proud of, or new stock of your favourite makeup brush...

  1. Click 'New Post'

  2. Select 'Add a Promo'

  3. Enter the Title and Description of your promotion, Click 'Next'

  4. Select whether you want your promotion to start now or schedule it for when you want in the future. There's also the option to choose an end date. Then click 'Next'

  5. Choose your image. Click 'Next'

  6. Choose how you want your customers to claim/let you know they've seen your promotion. (For a full description of what each selection means please click here).

  7. Preview your Promotion and select whether it is available nationwide. Then click 'Post Promo'

Your promotion will either instantly go onto the live feed or if scheduled will go on then.


  1. Try and select high-quality images

  2. After posting to Snizl, select to share to your social media for maximum exposure (it also saves you time and having to repeat things).

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