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How to register Multiple Businesses
How to register Multiple Businesses

An easy way to stay in control of all of your businesses in one place.

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After creating one business on Snizl adding more couldn't be easier...

All you have to do is create another Business Page in 'My Account'.
Snizl will automatically group them all together along with your name in the drop-down box in the top right.

Step 1
Click the drop-down menu (top right) and select 'My account'

Step 2
On the menu in the left sidebar click 'Businesses'

Step 3
Select 'Add a Business' (Just above the business you already have)

Step 4
Enter your business details and click 'Create'

After choosing a plan for your new business, don't forget to complete your business page, add your logo, cover image, introduction, opening hours and social media links.

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