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How to get the most out of Snizl Events

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Snizl has the tools to consistently promote an event boosting ticket sales. Keep reading for a step by step guide.

The strategy as always with Snizl is to utilise all of the tools at your disposal, you have unlimited posts, and different post types, and can build followers and send them Push notifications. So use it all.

Post an Event

Firstly go ahead and post your event. Think of this as the overall listing for the entire event, set the event to link directly to your ticket sales page, whether you have your own website or you are selling via Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or similar. It's always better to have fewer steps in order to purchase, so link them directly to the purchase page if possible.

Post a competition to win tickets

Competitions will rapidly build Snizl followers, if you give away a couple of tickets for free you will build up a huge following that you can later send push notifications to.
Setup your competition so that it ends before the event starts, this way your followers will know they didn't win and you can sell them tickets by sending push notifications.

Post limited deals for cheaper tickets

Use Snizl deal type posts to advertise a limited time offer on cheaper tickets. This is a great way to boost ticket sales during the months running up to the event. Make sure to link these directly to the ticket sales page too.

Post promotions for interesting things at your event.

Use Snizl promotion type posts to advertise all the different selling points of your event, this is a perfect way to have a consistent presence and ensure that people hear about what's going on during your event. Make sure to link these directly to the ticket sales page too.

Sharing your posts effectively

Every single post you make on Snizl should be shared by you to your own social media pages and then you can take it further by sharing it to relevant Facebook groups and pasting the URL on ticket forums etc. Get creative with your sharing to dramatically increase your views, it only takes a second to hit the share buttons on the boost page.

Utilising 'push to top' and 'push to followers'

It is important to keep pushing your ticket deals to the top of the feed to keep generating ticket sales and also once your competition has built up enough followers start sending them Push notifications for your ticket deals and promotions. Make sure to send them a mixture of content and not to spam them.

Your plan includes 12 pushes per month, don't forget to save some for when your competition ends as this will be the perfect time to reach out to those that didn't win the free tickets.

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