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How to Sell Directly on Snizl
How to Sell Directly on Snizl

How to get started & our super low Transaction Fees

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Purchasable Deals allow you to sell directly on Snizl, in order to enable Purchasable Deals you must first add a Payout Method

Add a Payout Method

Firstly you need to add a Payout Method to your account, simply go to 'Manage Business' then 'Billing' and click 'Manage Payout Method'.

  1. Enter your Bank Account details where you want to be paid for your orders.

  2. Choose whether you are an individual or a company and enter a company registration number if applicable.

  3. That's it! You are now ready to create your first Purchasable Deal on Snizl.

Create a Purchasable Deal

Our Purchasable deals are intended for Simple products that can be purchased one at a time.

  1. Simply create a new Post and select Deal.

  2. Once you reach the 'Deal Purchase & Claim Options' Step you will have the option to switch to Purchasable.

  3. This will allow you to enter your product details as follows:

    • Product Name - This is what will be itemised on the customer invoice

    • RRP (optional) - The Recommended Retail Price can be used to show the original price if there is a discount.

    • Sale Price - The price you are selling the product for.

    • Delivery Cost - The Amount you will charge the customer for Delivery

    • Inventory - The available stock for your product.

  4. Follow the rest of the steps on the screen to finish posting your Purchasable Deal.

View & Manage your Orders

Head to 'Manage Business' then 'Orders' this is where you will see all of your orders and be able to manage their statuses.

Getting Paid

Our buy now payments are handled by Stripe. You will be paid into the payout method you added to your Snizl account within 7-14 days of receiving an order.

Transaction Fees

We don't charge you anything for payments on Snizl, you only pay the Stripe Fees.

Stripe's low transaction fee for European cards is just: 1.4% + 20p

Advanced Information

We use the popular Stripe payment processor, which handles the customers' payment and the payout of the money to you. The money during the process is stored with Stripe and is never touched by us, this makes it extremely secure.
It may take from 7-14 working days for payouts to be sent to you but you can be sure that once an order comes through on Snizl, the customer has paid successfully and Stripe is holding the money whilst they process the payout.

This system of customers paying the processor and the processor paying out to the business is very secure and is being used by more and more platforms, Shopify uses this same process for their own payments, so you can be sure that your money is safe.

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