No matter how good your deal or competition is, it won't gain traction if your post is low quality. Every part of a post will effect your results.

Post title

Your title should be short and snappy, easy to understand and not look spammy.

keep it short and snappy -
people won't read a long title.

Easy to understand -
try to include the main information of what the post is in the title

don't over use capital letters or exclamation marks -
this can make your post look spammy or fake.

Post Image

High quality - low quality, dull or pixelated images will instantly put people off your ad, or go unnoticed completely.

Avoid text in images - Snizl posts include titles and prices already, most of the time text on images makes an ad look spammy or unprofessional.

Image sizes - using a square or slightly rectangular image performs the best, we advise following our recommended sizes.

Post Description

Write original content - do not copy and paste your description from somewhere else, even your own website. Search engines can detect duplicated text and this will hurt your SEO.

Summarise your post in the first sentence - the first few lines will be used as the description for your post across search engines and social media, so make sure it fully explains the post.

Make it easy to read - keep paragraphs short and to the point, use bullet points if necessary. large walls of text put people off reading it.

Click here for a step by step guide to posting.

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