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A guide to getting started using Snizl, demonstrating best practices.

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Setup your business

The first thing you need to do is make sure your business page is looking professional.

What you'll need:

  • Company Logo - at least 250x250px as a jpg or png.

  • A Cover Photo - we recommend using this space to show off your products in action.

  • Business Introduction - it's very important to write an introduction telling us what you do, not only for users to see but for SEO purposes.

  • Social Media Links - Make sure to link all of your social media accounts for users to follow.

  • Website Link - If you have a website this is very important to give users a quick way to reach your site and also benefit from a trusted "backlink".

  • Contact Details - Be sure to add basic contact details, a company with an address and phone number appears more legitimate to a user.

Completing your business page is essential to getting the most out of Snizl and starting out on the right foot.

Your first posts

Populate your feed with a mixture of promotions and good deals, don't forget you have unlimited posts, so use them. This stage is all about making sure your business looks active and professional.

Value is everything:

  • A promotion should be something of value to potential customers - such as a new product launch or a big company announcement.

  • Your deals should be of good value - posting small discounts can damage your reputation on a platform like Snizl, make sure all of your deals are worth a user's time. For example, you wouldn't stop scrolling for 5% off a pair of shoes.

  • Post images - post images should contain minimal text and be square or slightly rectangular.

Share your posts

A big part of Snizl is the ability to quickly share your post across multiple platforms, 

Benefits to sharing:

  • Reach a much larger audience in seconds - all the traffic your post gets from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest will all be brought to your post on Snizl.

  • Bring your current social media audience over to Snizl - Sharing your Snizl posts to your own pages across social media, is an easy way to get your current audience to follow you on Snizl.

Top Tip: find Facebook groups relevant to your business and share your posts there, as well as on your own business page. This can get you a much larger audience. 

Start Building Followers

now that your business page has some attractive deals and promotions, this is the stage you want to think about building some followers. You could just carry on with deals and promotions and you will build followers over time.

Or you can take advantage of Snizl Competitions to boost your followers very quickly...

  • Choose a prize that is relevant to your product or service - The whole point of building followers is to make sure that they are all interested in what you do. (do not give away generic gift cards, as this will build a list of the wrong people)

  • We recommend running a competition for 1 - 3 months - this gives it time to reach more people whilst still being short enough to not put people off entering.

  • Your competition image - Make sure the image clearly shows the prize that will be won, most users will only look at the image.

  • How does this build followers? - When a user enters a competition, unlike a deal or promotion, they automatically become a follower of your business.

Start selling to your Followers

Once you have built up a following, you can start using push notifications to send your best deals directly to your followers.

For best results...

  • Send only the best deals, don't spam - Hand pick your most attractive deals, so your followers feel like they are getting taken care of and not spammed.

  • Send occasional updates to keep them in the loop - Followers will feel valued if you also send them updates about your company, such as a new product range coming soon, if you only send deals you can risk losing their loyalty.

Your followers are more likely to buy from you since they have already shown interest in your products by entering a competition or going out of their way to follow you.

What's next?

Keep up with posting, sharing, running competitions to boost your follower count and sending push notifications to keep your followers engaged. This is the core of using Snizl.

Next steps:

  • Learn from your analytics - Snizl analytics allow you to see which of your posts perform the best, allowing you to optimise your posting. Click here for help understanding analytics

Have Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with the team via live chat, we are happy to help.

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