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What do the icons at the bottom of the feed mean?
What do the icons at the bottom of the feed mean?

A brief description of the symbols at the bottom of the feed and what they do.

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Starting from the icon on the left and going right...

The Feeds icon:

The Feed icon lets you toggle between the main feed, the event feed and the animal rescue feed. Once pressed it will bring up a menu on the left-hand side of your screen and you can select between the three.

The Wallet icon:

This icon opens up your Snizl Wallet. This is the place where all your saved items go. As well as any competitions you have entered. There are two sections within the Wallet, Active and Expired. In order to empty items from your wallet, all you need to do is swipe left and then select Delete.

The Account icon:

Under your account, you can change your profile settings, and feed settings and if you have a business on Snizl you can view your business page. This is also where you can change your home hub and also where you can Sign out.

The Search icon:

When you have clicked Search you are presented with an input box. Type in here what it is you are looking for and the results will be listed underneath. You can search All or you can refine it by searching in Deals, Events and Businesses.

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