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How do I enter a Competition online?
How do I enter a Competition online?

Being in with a chance of winning free things.

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When you see a competition on the feed it is very easy to enter, all you need to do is:

  1. Click into the competition

  2. Read the information provided by the business that set up the competition

  3. On the right is a button that says 'Click to enter Competition'

  4. A pop up will appear

  5. Click 'Follow & Enter' - After you've clicked this it should change to 'Entry Confirmed'

  6. You can now share to your social media for 2 more chances to win

The winner of the competition is picked at random by our software, if you have won you will receive an email with contact details so you can get in touch with the business. They will also receive your details.
If you have allowed notifications you will get a push notification as well.

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