When a business posts their Deals and Promotions they are asked to pick a way in which you as a customer can claim it. All you need to do is click on the highlighted symbols. The 4 options are:

  1. Instore - This is simple all you have to do is go in store and let them know that you have seen the deal on Snizl. You can even save it in your wallet and show them it on your phone.

   2. Website - This is where the business would like you to click through to their                   website in order to claim. This is usually used for online products or for booking           purposes.

3. Phone - Clicking on the phone option will display the number that they wish you to      call. This is normally used for booking purposes although some companies select        the Phone option so that you can call to get some further information.

4. Custom - This is selected by the business if they have a more specific way that              they want you to claim. This is sometimes used to input an email address they wish      to contact but it could be anything they choose.

Multiple options could be chosen by the business giving you a number of different ways to get in touch with them or to buy the goods they are offering.

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