Incentives are something that you can offer your promoters in return for them getting you views by sharing your posts. It could be anything from 10% discount through to free stuff.

You can create incentives and set limits on what your promoters have to achieve in order to earn them.

Set them up by following these steps....

  1. Click the drop-down menu (Top Right)
  2. Select your business
  3. Click 'Business Details'
  4. Choose the 'Incentives' tab at the top
  5. Click 'Add an incentive'

A pop up should now appear:

   6. Add a picture by dragging and dropping or by browsing for one
   7. Enter the description of what you are going to offer your promoters.
   8. Click 'Create Incentive'

This Incentive can now be assigned to a post of your choice. You can apply the incentive to a post by following these steps...

  1. In 'Manage Posts' find the active post you wish to assign it to.
  2. Click 'Edit/Manage' on the post
  3. Click on 'Incentives'
  4. Click 'Apply Incentive'
  5. Enter the amount of visits needed in order to be able to redeem the incentive
  6. Enter the amount of times the incentive can be redeemed (optional)
  7. Click 'Apply Incentive'
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